About Us

ArtsMinded Community Interest Company is founded on the ethos that the Arts enhance and transform lives through creative expression and exploration. There is a growing evidence base which underpins the effectiveness of using creative processes as both a treatment pathway and a personal and professional development tool. Our mission is to promote, de-stigmatise and advocate for mental health awareness across all sectors of the community. Arts Minded CIC delivers bespoke services and programmes to suit the needs and requirements of our clients and partner organisations. As a CIC, Arts Minded is committed to provide inclusive access to our services for vulnerable members of the community.


Brought together through our background in the arts therapies and mental health provision (NHS), we share a passion and belief in the transformative and lasting effect artistic expression can have on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Our appetite for innovation and enterprise has led to the creation of ArtsMinded CIC. We each bring a breadth of specialist skills stemming from our artistic practice, which include: group facilitation, project development, clinical supervision, research, service evaluation and national and international teaching.

Claire Burrell image
Claire Burrell 
Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Dance Artist and Yoga Teacher

Marika Cohen image
Marika Cohen
Art Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Visual Artist 

Dr. Marina Rova image
Dr Marina Rova

Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Researcher