Claire Burrell

Claire has been working with creative process and body work in mental health for close to 20 years. Whilst practising Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the NHS she has delivered across acute inpatient wards and community services from Psychiatric Intensive Care to specialist Mother and Baby Unit, and in GP surgeries to patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms. 

Passionate about supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers she has many years experience in delivering Body-based Therapy groups in the charity sector, supporting these clients through the many stages of their journeys. Her Arts Therapies practice has evolved through extensive work in collaborative performance and investigation into dance improvisation. Recently she has been making dance shorts; films capturing movement processes, patterns and significant moments in time.

A highly experienced teacher and Supervisor she delivers lectures and workshops to training programmes both in the UK and abroad. To ArtsMinded she brings a rich tapestry of body work, informed not only by her dance background but also by her embedded practice of yoga and meditation.